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Author: Koala_Steamed

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Freedom! forums Administrator.
Hey there guys! Welcome back to another Newsletter for the month of August! We have been making a lot of content lately and we’re not stopping! On this newsletter let’s take a sneak peak on what kind of content we have been creating!

First up on the list, George has created a video talking about the new self-certify” where YouTube gives you the chance to rate your videos. It’s awesome! This time YouTube gives you the chance to give you a voice and become a standard. You will be able to judge your channel and give good ratings on it. You will be asked if your videos contain none...
We have now updated the requirements to join the Freedom! network.

The requirements are as follows:
Your channel must abide by YouTube’s Community Guidelines and should be in good standing.
Your channel must be part of the YouTube Partnership Program
Your channel must have at least 5,000 subscribers AND 100,000 views in the last 30 days.

We do realise that 5,000 subscribers and 100k views is quite a big milestone to reach and launching your channel to monetization can be one of the hardest parts. Our forum and community are always open to all channels no matter how big. You can also...
Hey there freedom family! Welcome to April’s Newsletter! Let’s dive down memory lane and look into what we have done for the last month! So let’s start

Do you have this immense shyness or dread when you look into the camera or even when a camera just pans around your way? Do you have this fear but you still want to pursue YouTube as something that you will be doing in the next few years of your life? Well, don’t despair. In one of Nold’s videos he has made an episode that will help you get your camera shyness away and become the best you can be...​
Hey there Freedom! Family!

Welcome to another Freedom! Newsletter! This month has been a lot has happened and with that being said a plethora of Videos are already available on our Freedom! Central Channel. We will give you the gist on what the updated are! Be sure to watch the video so that you will know exactly what has happened! Without Further Ado, let’s start!

On this video George has conducted his First interview on Recruiters. Recruiters will help us out on finding Content Creators that are a good fit for our network. They will not just...
Newsletter February Newsletter
Hey there Freedom! Family!

It’s been a long time but we will be kicking off on another article of the newsletter. It has been a long time since we had this article so let’s start it off again with the updates from the network.

This month we have a plethora of videos that gives you the updates on all Freedom and YouTube related topics. Let’s talk about it from old content to the most recent one.

Last February 3, 2019, George has paid our partners a collective amount of $2.9 million. That’s not the only content...
Hello, unfortunately we have had to put the November contest on hold. Hopefully this is temporary and it will be back up soon, we will also be extending the deadline if so.

Sorry for any inconveniences!
-The forum team
Freedom! is always looking to improve the partner dashboard to provide the best possible service, and now you can also be a part of that. If you speak a native language other than the languages we have already available in the dashboard, and you have great translation skills and understanding of English language, there may be a place for you to shine in our translator crew.

Here are the main languages we are looking to have the Freedom! Dashboard translated...
Quick update, the new partner dashboard can now be accessed! It can be found at the top left under the home tab. It also come with a step by step tutorial on how to use it.


What do you guys think of the new dashboard, do you prefer the new one or the old one? Also are there any features that you think could be improved or changed?
We are working on more items to purchase with credits, hopefully more to come. For now these 11 games are up for sale. They may not be the usual type of games you play but it can be fun to try new things, also they all come with 4 trading cards which you can use to collect or trade for steam credit :)

Bionic_Dues worth $10 (100₡)
The Last Federation +...
Happy Easter everyone!

The forum team has conducted an Easter egg hunt for you all and we have scattered Easter eggs throughout various sections of the forums. We have also left clues to help you find them, some clues are harder than others *cough* blame Nerd *cough*. Good luck hunting!

100 Credits 1st place
60 Credits 2nd place
40 Credits 3rd place
10 for participation + 1 for each found

1. Hint: The number 1 rule of Easter egg hunt