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    Solved Royalty Free Videos

    Hello Smarts Facts UK, We appreciate your query. However there will be no new videos added on the Royalty Free videos because our contract with Reuters has ended. However you may still be able to utilize any videos available on the Royalty free videos section. If in case that we will be adding...
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    Solved Revenue doesn't update

    Hello Hazem Khaled, Can you kindly provide me your YouTube channel link please so that we can further check your February earnings. Thank you.Hello Hazem Khaled, If I may check please, can you now see the February earnings on your end? There has been a delay with the update of the February...
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    Solved Freedom claimed one of my videos?

    Hello RealCanadianGaming, Please be assured that your email reached our Support Team and it has been forwarded to our Content ID team for further checking. We will reply to the said email for any updates. Thank you for your time.
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    Solved After getting unlinked

    Hello DaKent11, Our apologies for any confusion, when a channel was added to a Freedom! account it goes automatically to "under review" status. I would say after the unlink it went back to "under review" for QA review in the future. Given that you meet the new YouTube's monetization policy of...
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    Solved TriDef SmartCam

    Hello Mark, I am sorry to hear that. I saw your ticket in support, my colleague Glen sent an email to our Development Team to have this check. Once we received a response we will reply to your email. Thank you for your patience.
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    Solved TriDef SmartCam

    Hello Mark, Thank you for the clarification, Yes the YYFYE49DTTC4F4NY is for a 30 day trial and if you like the product and opted to purchase it then you will use the same code to get the 20% discount. You may also verify this information on your Freedom! dashboard in TriDef SmartCam...
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    Complaints Employee put himself as my referral and is taking 15% of my channel earnings

    Hello Gabo, I sent you a personal message on your Discord to update you with your concern. May I refer you to your Discord please. Thank you.
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    Solved locked out of account

    Hello Bobocow123, We are sorry to hear that and thank you for all the information. Can you kindly send us an email through [email protected] with the screenshots of each page with URL visible when you are trying to log-in. Afterwards we will check it so that we may assist you further. Thank you.
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    Solved I Haven't Got Paid

    Hello GanG, If you could kindly send us an email through [email protected] so that we may be able to check your earnings. You can also reach us through Discord, our Support team is available 24/7. Otherwise you can give me your YouTube channel link or PM me if you want to keep it private, I...
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    Solved MOnetiztion approved

    Hello, May I confirm if you are pertaining to your monetization being on "Enabled" status on your YouTube features page? If yes, we are unable to provide a specific time frame as it would depend on the review of YouTube. However I would suggest for you to make sure that you follow the...
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    Solved Discord Links To Join Not Working?

    Hello, We are sorry if you are having issues with the Discord invite link. May we ask you to kindly use this new link that we have Thank you for your patience. If you have any other concerns feel free to contact us here or you may also send us an email through...
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    Hello RedMageGames, You are very much welcome. Its our pleasure to help. We wish you all the best for your channel. Kind regards, Jenny
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    Hello RedMageGames, That is great to know, I would say experience is the best teacher. We appreciate you reaching out to us and we understand where you are coming from. We currently have the following partner promotion shows: Brotherhood for Gamers show which is a gaming partner promotion ()...
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    Solved Problems with the Network

    Hello HBrine840. Please be assured that we received your ticket in reference with your concern and it is being handled by our Spanish Support Team. If you have any further queries or concerns please feel free to reply to your ticket no. 388043 so that it will be addressed accordingly. Thank you.