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    Crypto Miner stuck on Loading configuration

    I"m having this problem as well now.
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    Unboxings & Reviews A sponsor sent me a T-Shirt with my name on it!

    A few months ago, they sent me a Blue iCE Mic. A couple of days ago, they sent me a T-Shirt! It was a pretty exciting time!
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    What is the first game that got you into gaming ?

    The original Mario.
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    StoneHearth Basics - Tutorial

    Yeah, she wanted to make a better tutorial than what was out there at the time. The ones that were out when she made this were very limited in details and didn't go quite as in depth as the others. It looks like a pretty good game too!
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    VR Looking to colab with Vloggers

    I would, but he recently deleted the video due to a break up with his girl. So unfortunately, I cannot and I don't have a backup of the video. Sorry dude.
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    VR Looking to colab with Vloggers

    So this may sound kind of weird, but I am looking for vloggers who would like for me to make a mashup of their vlogs. I recently made one for my friend on his channel and it was really fun and his viewers really enjoyed it. So if anyone would like for me to do this to their vlogs, hit me up!
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    StoneHearth Basics - Tutorial

    Hey guys! Awhile ago, my friend had noticed there wasn't any good video tutorials for Stonehearth on Youtube and asked me if she could use my computer to record it while I did the Editing and uploaded it to my channel since she didn't have one, but wanted others to be able to figure the game...
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    Gaming Pokemon: Crystal Clear!

    Thumbnail was made by my girlfriend. As well as someone else that won't appear til Ep 4.
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    Gaming Zombies: Pass or ... Smash?

    Don't pass the zombies! Smash them... 6ft back into the ground. This is Atom Zombie Smasher! Join me as we go through the magical adventure together of rescuing people while trying to fend off the horde.
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    Gaming Yo Yo

    Welcome! I've always thought it'd be fun to have a crew like KYRSP33DY and friends. I can't seem to find the goofy people though.
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    YouTube is it a bad thing to watch your old videos?

    Honestly, I never really used thumbnails. But I have seen a major change since I started to use thumbnails and actively use tags. It's crazy.
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    YouTube is it a bad thing to watch your old videos?

    I find it to be kind of like a time capsule. A lot of my earlier content, I thought was amazing, but after looking back at them, I was like "Wow, I remember this video, I was super happy with it and thought it was amazing back then!" but looking at it today, it's like "Eh, if I could re-do this...
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    I hope everyone is having a good week so far!

    Nothing really too new for me. I guess the highlight of my week was me calling the dentist today to make an appointment I've been putting off for weeks.