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  1. Earl Allard

    Comedy Hilarious Music Video!

  2. Earl Allard

    How do you add custom text to an image in

    I was wondering how I can add custom text and other graphics to an image in so that I could make cover art for my upcoming album.
  3. Earl Allard

    YouTube What are the best 4k cameras for making videos

    I have been using a cheap sony camcorder to make music videos on my youtube channel and I am looking to upgrade. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for a 4k camera that is somewhat inexpensive.
  4. Earl Allard

    Music Suave Youngin - Ridin Round (Ft. Parisi)

  5. Earl Allard

    Music Comedy Music Video

  6. Earl Allard

    Tips & Tricks Reddit for veiws

    I have found that there are many YouTube based community's on Reddit In which you can share your content, get feedback, check out other peoples content, and collaborate.
  7. Earl Allard

    YouTube How do you get more watch time in your created playlists

    I was recently wondering how do you get more watch time in the playlists that you create using your own videos
  8. Earl Allard

    Watch Time Milestone 18 minutes watch time in playlists

    I am extremely happy to announce that my created playlists of my personal content have gone up. I checked my YouTube creator studio app and in a month my watch time for playlists has increased from 1 minute and 40 seconds to 18 minutes spent in the playlist.
  9. Earl Allard

    Comedy Sippin Brandy (comedic music video)

    This is a music video to the song Sippin Brandy by rapper Suave Youngin. It features Suave Youngin performing crazy and hilarious antics while his laid back vocals play as the sound track.
  10. Earl Allard

    Subscriber Milestone 1.4k Subscribers Reached!

    I have been a content creator for a little over a year now and I was super excited to reach my first big goal of one thousand subs. I know this milestone isn't a big one like 1.5k or 2k but it has taken me 4 months to get from 1360 to 1400 subs. I am excited to see progression and I am really...
  11. Earl Allard

    Entertainment SY - Dumb Flow (animated music video)

  12. Earl Allard

    Entertainment Zombie Animation

  13. Earl Allard

    Resources Free No Copyright Music

    I am a rapper, feel free to use my songs for free on your YouTube or Instagram as long as you contact me first and give me credit in the description
  14. Earl Allard

    Service HMU for non copyrighted music

    I am a rapper feel free to hmu about using my non copyrighted music. You can use my music on your youtube and Instagram as long as you contact me first and give me credit in the description.
  15. Earl Allard

    YouTube Views Milestone 160,000 total veiws

    I am beyond grateful that I have reached my goal of getting over 150,000 views. My long term goal is 1 million total channel views
  16. Earl Allard

    Comedy SY - Fanta (comedy Music Video)

  17. Earl Allard

    Subscriber Milestone First 1000 Subs!

    I am extremely proud to announce that I have reached my long time goal of getting my first 1000 subscribers. I have been uploading content to YouTube for about a year and a half and I am so proud of myself for sticking with it it is much harder than I anticipated. My next goal is to reach 2k...
  18. Earl Allard

    Entertainment Suave Youngin Channel Introduction

    Hello, my name is Earl and the name of my channel is Suave Youngin. I stumbled on the idea of joining this forum from a YouTube video I watched. My channel consists of comedy rap videos. I have been rapping for two years. I like to use traditional rap themes including extravagant cars and...