first person

  1. finegamingconnoisseur

    Beyond the new player tutorial for Mortal Online

    This is one of the many tutorial videos I've made for Mortal Online, a hardcore sandbox MMORPG made by a small indie company called Star Vault AB back in June 2010. The game is exceptionally brutal, unforgiving and harsh, and has a steep learning curve which forces new players to adapt and...
  2. AlphaHawk

    Gaming Game Montage (Rules Of Survival : Battle Royale #1)

    Starting a new montage series on my channel :D
  3. CephasRed

    Gaming INTO THE ABYSS...... | Let's Play SOMA (Part 15)

    The place we've all been waiting for has come. Watch as we take a journey down...down....DOWN the dark depths into the abyss to find the ARK. We'll need to sort things out with Catherine as well and find out just what is waiting for us. What will we find down there? Only time will tell...
  4. CephasRed

    Gaming NO SANCTUARY HERE... | Outlast 2 (Part 5)

    Marta is on the hunt for us and she happens to be EVERYWHERE. Hopefully the church will provide safety...much to my it's time to go to the mines! Game: Outlast 2 Genre: Horror, Thriller, Action, Chase, First Person Rating: 18+
  5. CephasRed

    Gaming WELL THIS IS FAMILIAR! | Portal Stories: Mel (Part 8)

    In this episode, we trek higher into the enrichment center and come across the forest jungle that took over Aperture Science long LONG ago...all from one simple potato. Ah, the memories~ Also, we look for more information as to who AEGIS is! Game: Portal Stories: Mel Genre: Puzzle, Adventure...
  6. Crimson

    Gaming VERT WITH DICEDECIDES | Collabing with Youtubers #1

    First episode of the Collabing With Random Youtubers Series! Had lots of fun! Please oh please support by subscribing. I ask because I want to make a change! All Revinue Earned from any of my videos Will go directly to charity, Anything And everything I earn. Ill prove by showing records when I...