1. Carl D

    Do y'all watch fitness tutorials?

    So lately I've been working out and I'd been watching some tutorials for fitness workouts for beginners, I also asked some of my friends workout techniques. But I wanted to ask the community if y'all watch some fitness channels?
  2. Thelazysideoflife

    VLOG Are we that scary?

    That woman thought so
  3. A

    VLOG Hey guys, I'm Anthony and I make bodybuilding videos!

    Your name/alias: My name is Anthony Where are you from?: Newark, NJ How old are you?: I'm 17 years old. How did you find Freedom!? A youtube video on how to use forums for youtube. What made you join our forums?: I was looking for an outlet to share my content with people who might not ever...
  4. A

    Fitness Fitness YouTube Channel

    Hey guys, I have just made a fitness YouTube account a couple of months back and have started uploading more frequently. I would love for you to check it out and let me know what you think! I will be making workout videos, diet videos, occasional vlogs and just general videos which could be...
  5. Mandy Erickson

    VLOG Newbie

    hello! I'm new obviously, trying to build my channel and find like minded people... And learn A LOT about YouTube! I currently vlog, but will adding in reviews on things soon! Thanks for reading. ☺️ I found Freedom! From watching some videos online about partnering your channel. So now, here I am!
  6. Yakov Takser

    VR Fitness channel want to colab

    Hi Friends Im Yakov Takser I have a fitness and healthy life style channel i want to collaborate with other channels to do "Featured channels to each other" I will like to do collaborate with channels that develop us like sports health food education new skills learning channels and other...
  7. Yakov Takser

    Do you like to workout?

    I have 2 Questions for you friends that can help me a lot if you will answer them ill be so thankful to you and happy thanks my friends :). 1.Do you like to workout? 2.if you like to workout where do you like to workout more at the gym or at parks and beachs? Thank guys so much :).
  8. Yakov Takser

    Sports Hi Friends Im Yakov Takser :)

    Hi everybody im new here my name is Yakov Takser im from Israel, Haifa im 25 years old i work security and im student at institute in computers i like to workout, to travel, read books, learn new things and to spend time with my family and friends and i like to meet new people :). I joint to...
  9. Gus Holland

    VLOG Hi Everyone!

    Hello, my name is Gus Holland. I've had my Youtube channel for a few years, but only recently decided what direction I would take it. My channel will primarily be in vlog format and completely focused on setting and reaching goals. My goals for this year are to continue training in mixed...
  10. Fionn Macarthur

    Entertainment New Filmmaker

    Hi guys. First time posting here. Let me introduce myself. My name is Fionn Macarthur. I'm a freelance filmmaker from Ireland. I mostly create promotional videos for businesses and music videos for local artists. I post quite a bit of cinematic visuals on my youtube channel. I also post some...
  11. T

    VR looking for fitness people to collab with

    looking for fitness people to collab with on our youtube channel .
  12. gunsage

    Fitness Breath of Fire 2 - Gaming Fitness Challenge!

    Well, I managed to take out the original Breath of Fire in 23 episodes, so I decided to keep my Excuse My Gut Gaming Fitness Challenge ball rolling with Breath of Fire 2! This time around, I'm trying to break things up a little by having them in 30 minute increments because that will be...
  13. ZuChainz

    VLOG Hi everyone! Im new af

    Hello everyone, Im new af here. literally made my account like minutes ago. Not really sure what to expect on this forum here but I've been seeing nothing but positivity and feedback on everyone's post so im pretty optimistic about these forums. Im also pretty new to youtube. I make vlogs...
  14. D

    Resources Fitness Gone Wrong Sketch Feedback

    Hey guys, I made this sketch trying to get some people to see it. Haha, Which is really hard! I only just started making sketches again, if anyone has any advice on how to promote youtube videos that would be great. Also how effective are key words, when it comes to adding them to your video...
  15. gunsage

    Gaming Excuse My Gut - Winter Fitness Gaming Challenge!

    Hello everyone and thank you for checking this out! Up until recently, I'd been doing quickplays/impression vids for different games with different themes (horror in September/October, back to school in August, romance in February, etc.). However, I kept getting requests to do full...
  16. gunsage

    Subscriber Milestone My Goal For 2016

    What's going on, everybody? I'm still fairly new to these forums, but I have a simple goal: reach 300 subs by the end of the year! And how am I going to do that? Well, this year's been pretty busy for me. I mostly game, doing quick impression vids of games or full let's plays, but I...
  17. gunsage

    Entertainment o hai!

    Hello everyone! I've been "officially" making stuff on YouTube for about 10 years, but only really started getting serious about it about 2 years ago. During that time I was mostly streaming stuff from Twitch directly to YouTube. Mostly I've been doing gaming, specifically themed stuff. For...
  18. Geared4Gainz


    What's up everyone Geared4Gainz here, I'm just looking to see how many of you stick to a diet or have some sort of diet plan! IF you do let me know what it is! Thank you!
  19. D

    Fitness Hi everyone!

    Hi! I'm Delia. I'm a 23 year old NASM certified personal trainer, and I make videos that include fun and unique workouts, what I eat in a day, and other shenanigans that happen in my life (including cameos from my adorable dog)! I would love to reach others who are curious about how to live a...
  20. Geared4Gainz

    Subscriber Milestone 40 SUBS IN A WEEK!

    Just got to 40 subs today! Started the channel a little over a week ago! I appreciate anyone who has given us support and anyone who will give us support in the future! Thank YOU!