1. finegamingconnoisseur

    Beyond the new player tutorial for Mortal Online

    This is one of the many tutorial videos I've made for Mortal Online, a hardcore sandbox MMORPG made by a small indie company called Star Vault AB back in June 2010. The game is exceptionally brutal, unforgiving and harsh, and has a steep learning curve which forces new players to adapt and...
  2. QuietBlackGuy

    Gaming Pokemon Reborn - Gameplay and Commentary!

    Hi all! I posted a thread about my no commentary Pokemon Uranium and a majority of people showed a lot of support and seemed to like, so I will continue to inform when I post a new episode of that series! :) But right now I have a new series that I know a lot of you will like, it's a funny...
  3. O

    My First Time Playing Terraria In Hardcore

    Terraria Hardcore #1 Starting off w/ RED Xephos This is my first time playing in hardcore in this ep we go mining and build a house and enjoy the video :)
  4. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming We got some tough cows here.

    I begin to expand my base and try and work around a bunch of annoying cows which JUST WON"T GET OUT OF MY WAY!!
  5. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming Time to use my POOKAXE!

    I'm back with Minecraft and the base is coming along while I use my Pookaxe!
  6. HealPleaseHeal

    Gaming HEY GUYS! This B**ch plays Minecraft!!! SUCH A RARE GAME!

    That's right, I get my hands deep into Minecraft and begin sinking into the deep pits of block nation... ok that makes no sense. I am playing Minecraft 1.10, in Vanilla and am trying to beat it. Not ot mention i'm also playing on Hardcore, so that adds a bit of excitement on the side! Check it...
  7. RewindThatGaming

    Gaming Let's Play Ulimate Briefcase #15

    Here another of mine awesome video brothers and sisters :), Basically normal talking with gernally stuff and if you like mine video please reply and enjoy mine video!!! Cya
  8. MafiaMonkey

    Gaming Music - What do you listen to?

    Hey Guys! I was curious on what music you listen to when you play video games! I know many people who listen to Dubstep, Rock, Metal and more when playing. Personally I love listening to Rock/Heavy Rock when I play games because it is my concentration music. Thanks for reading! ~MafiaMonkey...
  9. Cheyhuahua

    Gaming Minecraft Hardcore Lonely Island (Fortitude Island)

    My second attempt at a hardcore lonely island series! Please leave feedback where you can and like and subscribe if you enjoyed!