1. Vortex

    Gaming Just wanted to introduce myself as I had a massive break!

    Hey Everyone! I have just come back to YouTube and have changed my name back to the original which is "TechDudeGamer" a couple of years on with better internet and a better insight on what I want to do on YouTube. I am a gamer who likes consoles and pc gaming. I play a range of games...
  2. finegamingconnoisseur

    Beyond the new player tutorial for Mortal Online

    This is one of the many tutorial videos I've made for Mortal Online, a hardcore sandbox MMORPG made by a small indie company called Star Vault AB back in June 2010. The game is exceptionally brutal, unforgiving and harsh, and has a steep learning curve which forces new players to adapt and...
  3. EmperorFun

    Gaming Let's Play Wynncraft Episode 69 "Sky Island"

    We bring the gathered lightdust to Rayshyroth(with that name he could be a legendary pokemon) who resides on the Sky Island above Mage Island. He needs some Sky Vapor to purify the light dust, so we make our way down back to Mage Island and gather it. All done and dusted we return to Kelight and...
  4. EmperorFun

    Gaming Let's Play Wynncraft Episode 68 "Found My Shoes!"

    We finish the Lost Soles quest by finding the Boot Case and bringing it to Ferndor. We make our way back to Troms where we a bit out side talk to Kelight to start the Temple of the Legends quest. Kelight first want's several things from former quest so that we can prove that we are worthy of his...
  5. EmperorFun

    Gaming Let's Play Wynncraft Episode 67 "Dude Where Are My Shoes"

    We make our way to Ferndor in Dernel Jungle. Ferndor sends us to talk to Grandon. Thru painful puzzle solving and way finding we make our way through the mansion until we have gathered everything we need to finish this quest.
  6. NuieG

    Gaming Hey all NuieG here

    hey guys nuie G here im new to freedom as well as a starting out content creator on youtube. the content on my channel revolves around path of exiles, allods online, and league of legends i create guides tutorials, build thoughts, boss kills, musical montages, and just some games for fun i hope...
  7. EmperorFun

    Gaming Green Skinned Trouble

    In today's episode: We start the episode by finding the woodcutter camp and getting the bait by killing Strato's Soul, we then hurry back to the dock and catch the Mythic Everlasting Pufferfish and give it to Gernald. We travel back to Llevigar and find Piere to start our next quest, Green...
  8. Lata Gamer

    Subscriber Milestone 5K Sub Reached

    Hi All, Thank you guys for like and comment in my channel. Even after lot of work started getting 50 views with in 12hrs of video upload... Check out the below video.. let me know what you think about it. Kill the like button if you like it
  9. Sunsae

    Gaming Sunsae Dofus player !

    Your name/alias: Sunsae Where are you from?: France How old are you?: 24 How did you find Freedom!? : Friend tell me to look a Freedom for my YouTube channel What are your hobbies?: Play Dofus, Bodybuilding and my baby girl ! What is your favorite food? : Japanese Why did you start YouTube? : I...
  10. Dexicos

    Gaming The Elder Scrolls Online - Sorry i killed your wife :/

    Hey guys, i'm back with some more elder scrolls online video but i have some reasons for my 2 months leave.
  11. I

    MMORPG dead for youtube?

    Hello youtube community! I've bee trying to find out what is it possible to squeeze out of MMORPG games, how to offer something interesting and entertaining while showing a gameplay of you farming something?
  12. GameplayFries

    Gaming My Road to League of Legends Ranked +Rules if you want in

    A fresh start and covering all my matches in the hit MMO game League of Legends, but this isn't going to be an easy run, I'm not the best, but not the worst, kind of a normal playing this game. But I dont want this to be all about me, everyone can help or suggest on what I can use IP on. I...
  13. Pete Spankenstein

    Entertainment Hey Bros & Sisters, i need your Love and Support!

    Hello Ladies and Gents. My Name is Pete i am a Creator and a new proud member of the Freedom Family. i will bring you Gaming, Guides, Madness, Music, Short Film and other things to be loved and maybe hated for =) Please support me and my channel and i will support yours. Cheers and kind...
  14. SellasiaGames

    Mi Presentación - BySellasiaGames

    Hola a todos!! Mi nombre es Diego, y mi canal de YouTube es BySellasiaGames, tengo 24 años y vivo en la 4ta Región de Chile. Tengo mas de 1 mes en esta plataforma, y cerca de 3 semanas dentro de Freedom!!. Ha Costado un poco el tema de entender como funciona el Partner, pero ya casi estoy al...
  15. CyberPhython

    Need MMORPG

    Hey guy's I need a good MMORPG Preferably free and no FPS
  16. Nyffellare

    Gaming [Ongoing] Black Desert Online

    Hello Guys, Today I released another 2 video’s about my journey on Black Desert Online! And how more I play it how better it comes! You guys should really check it out and of you like a good mmorpgs don’t wait and play this game its really worth it believe me. See you online in Black Desert...
  17. L

    Gaming Blade and Soul First Impressions - Levels 1 to 10 Part 2

    Hey Guys, Luna here with a new video continuing my progression through Blade and Soul. So if you are interested in this MMORPG be sure to give it a watch. REMEMBER GUYS, LIKE WHAT YOU SEE THEN HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON
  18. Tanoshibe

    Community Hello there!

    Hiya! My name is Kira and I'm from the UK. I found Freedom due to me trying to find a new network that didn't have as many limits as most others that I've seen, my old YouTube account was partnered with Maker but I soon decided I wanted to start fresh with an account I was pleased with and...
  19. NAPE

    Gaming This is about me and my gaming channel NAPE :D

    Hello to everyone! I´m going to be very honest and tell you very personal things here. I hope you appreciate what I will tell you :D My name is Napoleón and i would like to introduce myself to the comunity. First of all, i want to apologize for my english level, i´m trying my best and not...
  20. L

    Gaming The Division - First Impressions!

    Hey Guys, The Division Beta is here and today I am taking a look at the The Division on PC, showcasing the character creation, combat and questing. Be sure to sit back and relax because it's a long one...But it's goooood! REMEMBER GUYS, LIKE WHAT YOU SEE BE SURE TO HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON!!!