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    Tips & Tricks What are the types of Teeth Stains

    Types of Teeth Stains Extrinsic Teeth Stains Intrinsic Teeth Stains Age-related Teeth Stains So, all these types of stains, but how do you get rid of stained teeth? Nth Sense Explained The causes of Teeth Stains and how to take care of Oral Hygiene.
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    Tips & Tricks What causes tooth staining?

    Teeth stains have multiple reasons. Specific foods and drinks can cause tooth stains, and as we know, tooth discoloration is also a product of several biological factors, including the transparency of your tooth enamel. There are many causes of discolored teeth—some of which could have possibly...
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    Tips & Tricks How to Remove Teeth Stains?

    Fortunately, there are many remedy options for tooth stains. Maintain your teeth healthy and looking great by keeping a consistent oral health routine including twice-daily toothbrushing and daily flossing, twice-yearly visits to your dentist, and limiting your consumption of teeth-staining...