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Newsletter April Newsletter - Do you have camera shyness? [Poll]

Dieses Thema im Forum "News & Announcements" wurde erstellt von Koala_Steamed, 10. Mai 2019.


Do you have camera shyness?

Diese Umfrage endet am 10. Juni 2019 um 08:23 Uhr.
  1. Not at all!

    1 Stimme(n)
  2. A little, but I get through it.

    3 Stimme(n)
  3. Yes I do!

    4 Stimme(n)
  1. Koala_Steamed

    Koala_Steamed Administrator Administrator

    Registriert seit:
    1. Juni 2014
    Hey there freedom family! Welcome to April’s Newsletter! Let’s dive down memory lane and look into what we have done for the last month! So let’s start

    Do you have this immense shyness or dread when you look into the camera or even when a camera just pans around your way? Do you have this fear but you still want to pursue YouTube as something that you will be doing in the next few years of your life? Well, don’t despair. In one of Nold’s videos he has made an episode that will help you get your camera shyness away and become the best you can be on YouTube.

    On this episode Nold talks about the things we need to think about when we want to be successful on YouTube. You must be able to fully market your channel out there because you will need people following you. When you have people following you, you will be able to get a broader audience and with that you have more people coming in your channel! With Nold’s tips you will have a glimpse of what you can do to properly market your channel!

    On this video Nold talks about why some of your subscribers are not watching your channel. This happens a lot of time and it is your job to keep the content fresh and is new for your audience. Nold will talk about the reasons why some of them are not watching your channel. You can counteract this dilemma with the tips Nold will give you. It is imperative to have your subscribers watch your videos because they are the ones who will make or break your YouTube career.

    On this episode of Freedom Quick Tips we will be helping you increase your watch time. Nold will be able to help you with that. In this episode, he will be giving 8 tips that will help you transform your content into a video that will garner in more interested eyes and retain those people in your channel! Good luck!

    On this episode George has created a video that gives you updates on our company and in YouTube in general. You will need to know more about YouTube in order to know if you are safe within YouTube’s rules and community guidelines.​

    And that's the news for today guys we have been creating a lot of videos for you and we have been researching and developing new ideas that will help our content creators in the future! We will be seeing you in our videos and on the next newsletter! Good luck with your videos!

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