Tips & Tricks Best Tips on Starting a Vlogging Channel!


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Apr 10, 2014
Whatt's up guys thank you first off by tuning into this forum! I just wanted to quickly teach some new vlogging youtube channels get started by explaining different ways to start.

First: Start by using a high quality camera ( It doesn't need to be expensive ) For example the camera I happen to use is the GOPRO 7 for my vlogging experiences and honestly It has been quite a fun time using this camera. Its small and isn't very noticeable but the quality is fantastic! If you are a person like me that doesn't want to be obvious with vlogging then this is the go to camera i suggest with a bunch of cool addons!

Second: Its easier said than done, but building the courage to vlog in public is hard. You get nervous and its weird to feel all those eyes just staring at you as you vlog. The best way I got to do it is by just jumping right into it. I just grabbed my camera and just decided to go outside and vlog. How did I do this? I have no idea I just built up enough courage by telling myself "I don't care what people think " over and over and now I see the camera as just a best friend!

Third: EDIT YOUR VIDEOS! I can't stress this enough but a edited video will always be a better video. I learned people aren't going to watch a hour long vlog of you doing nothing or just random stuff. Picking out what you want the vlog to be about and shortening the video to match what you want till always be a eye opener for new comers to your videos and your channel!

Little cool tip: If your still afraid of being alone in front of a camera gather friends that aren't afraid of being in front of the camera, Believe it or not having friends around is the illest courage booster ever!

I hope my little tips helped you guys and you are now on your way to start your youtube channel!
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