Tips & Tricks How I have increased my channel in views/subs

Feb 9, 2020
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For quite a while, I hadn't seen any growth. I wasn't taking some of the tips that Pappa George had been sharing with us seriously. I thought "Hey... I don't need to do these things... I will still grow by word of mouth." I was sitting at 189 subscribers and was growing maybe every few months by like a sub and a couple of views here and there. No tags, no Thumbnails. I didn't realize the importance of Tags up until late last month.

So I started to use Rapidtags to generate tags for me and I started to use some basic thumbnails and this month, have seen a major increase in views and subs. I am now at 208ish subs. I have been watching how view counter on the Youtube Dashboard and saw that not only have I been going up in subs since I have been using tags & thumbnails, but I have been seeing about 200-250 views per day.

So my advice to you is, don't be like the old me. Use Thumbnails. Use Tags. They are important. Don't doubt what Pappa George or other people on the tips they share because they can mean the life or death of your channel. I was soooo close to giving up, but after the most recent results, I am so glad I didn't and Im going to continue to apply these things to hopefully have a successful channel within Freedom! one day.
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