Tips & Tricks How to remove dark circles / puffy eyes before the wedding?


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Jan 11, 2023
Winter is here and so is the wedding season where we all want to look our best during this time of the year but the wedding season brings along with it binge eating, late-night chattering, and a lot of physical effort. There’s no disowning that good makeup will assure that you look the best by hiding blemishes or spots but nothing beats healthy-looking and naturally radiant skin.

Under-eye dark circles are an ordinary skin concern and there are plenty of reasons behind the rise of dark circles, including inherited facial traits, hyperpigmentation, allergies, stress, eye fatigue, and individual skin elements such as texture. Often, they are accompanied by under-eye bags, only making you look exhausted and worn out.

If you’re struggling to get those pesky dark circles under control or want to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes, look no further Nth Sense’s expert Nutritionist Provided a solution on how to remove dark circles and puffy eyes before the wedding.