Newsletter What a month it's been!


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Apr 2, 2016
Vienna, Austria

Welcome back to the community newsletter! It's been quite a month so let's wrap it up!

YouTube has released Premieres and I have to say they're awesome! Here's a thread explaining them a bit and here's George's Video about them in detail:
Can't use PayPal or Tipalti? George has your back!
There has been a lot of people not having access to PayPal in their country or having issues with it. A while ago Freedom! released the way to get paid using Tipalti and now Payoneer's here! If you're not happy with your current payment method try giving it a shot!
George Office Hours!
George for a lot of people has been the very busy guy working on everything and usually not talking to partners directly. Well I can tell you he's still busy but he has offered to get in a call with you directly to just talk and (only if you want to of course) upload a video of the call to Freedom! Central! Do you have anything to tell George? Here are some of the past George Office Hours:
@Hyderpony is having a very interesting chat with George here:
Avsterbone grills George with a ton of very interesting questions (some of which even I didn't know the answer to) here and reacts to Freedom! Island (Something a LOT of people wanted to see):
Freedom! Flash Fridays!
Our beloved @VoiaGmer has started a new Series called Freedom! Flash Fridays! It's to show you amazing tools you can use to improve your videos. He's started it off with showing off a free online Photoshop Alternative called Photopea! Check it out!
The clot is thickening!
Remember that game George talked about a while ago? IT'S HAPPENING!
Here's George showing off the Level designer of The Clot Thickens:
Try the level designer out at and maybe your levels might be put into the final game!

That is it for this month's Newsletter! There's been quite the amount of things happening this month! See you next month and happy holidays!