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Newsletter What a year it's been!

Dieses Thema im Forum "News & Announcements" wurde erstellt von LW001, 30. Dezember 2018.

  1. LW001

    LW001 Administrator Administrator Moderator Wiki Contributor Beta Freedom! Member

    Registriert seit:
    2. April 2016

    Welcome back to the last Community Newsletter of this year! 2018 has been an amazing year, it's had its ups and downs for everyone and 2019 will be just as amazing! Let us know below how your year has been! Anyway, let's get on with December's Newsletter!

    YouTube's new Content Guidelines

    YouTube has changed a ton of rules throughout 2018 (remember February? :/) and December is no exception. See George talk about the new Content Quality Guidelines and about a bunch of Music channels which were YPP-suspended in this video:

    Bye Position Music!

    No, don't worry, you'll keep all the music you've used in the past and you'll want to use in the future, you'll just have to go through a new fancy website, UzerMusic! See George talk about it here:

    More Photopea!

    Our @VoiaGmer has been hard at work teaching the Freedom! Family all of Photopea, a free image editor like Photoshop that works in your browser! Check them out and give it a shot!

    A Music Factory Christmas!

    The people behind Music Factory have also been hard at work and have created an album full of Christmas-themed music! You can check it out below!

    Freedom! News

    Nold has also set out to create a new Freedom! Series called Freedom! News! It talks about a few things and is edited beautifully, give it a watch if you want to!

    In closing I'd also like to give a quick thank you to the FFF and Newsletter team that has brought you the Freedom! Forum Fridays and the Newsletters throughout 2018, it is truly an amazing team and I'm happy to be a part of it! To more FFF's and Newsletters in 2019!
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  2. Somali - Entertainment

    Somali - Entertainment Respected User Freedom! Member

    Registriert seit:
    22. September 2016
    get advantage and good idea
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